Jakobsen Consulting

Jakobsen Consulting

From Crop to Cup – know where you are!

Some activities lay the foundation for a good result, others rely on this foundation, while the finishing can perfect a good cup of coffee or simply spoil it. JUST like IT.

Jakobsen Consulting focus on IT in many perspectives – the overall theme is that consulting must be a value add – in either creating, preserving or perfecting a good foundation.


Experienced Enterprise- and SAP Architect, with a pragmatic approach towards working with business and technology transformation

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ERP Application Architecture

Integration Enterprise Architecture

Architecture- and Reference Models

Inspiration Sessions on ERP, Cloud, Integration and SAP

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Information & News

Contact: Allan Baungaard Jakobsen

Phone: +45 60621828

E-mail: allan090772@gmail.com

CVR 32031226

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Architecture & ERP 

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