City of SOA

City of SOA

SOA is compared to a city.


The houses (applications) are build of reusable building blocks – compared to SOA services.


The infrastructure (roads etc.) is comparable to an ESB and the city council governs the development of the city (application portfolio).


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As a Service - Cloud

Cloud Computing brings data and information processing to be a utility - something we tap from an out-let in the wall.


In this analogy the Internet can be compared to the electricity grid, though the services offered to data and information processing over the internet, are not quite as simple and mature, as those we daily are offered via the grid for powering electric devices.


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CV for Allan Baungaard Jakobsen

Lang erfaring med SAP (siden 1997). Fokus på SOA, Cloud Computing, integrations og applikations arkitektur


Erfaren SAP integrations arkitekt. Erfaren løsnings arkitekt. Arbejder med Enterprise Architecture


Erfaren teamlead på projekter og i konsulent teams



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